The Rolex Middle Sea Race

While most eyes are on the Volvo Ocean Race starting this weekend, the Rolex Middle Sea Race has also begun on Saturday, 21st October 2017. There are about 104 yachts that are participating from different nations, 30 in total. This is the 38th edition of this race that saw thousands of followers and enthusiasts having come to the banks of Grand Harbor in order to see the race participants sail off. This classic offshore race would span 606 miles in the Mediterranean waters. There are a total of thousand sailors who are participating in this race with different kinds of yachts. These comprise of ocean going maxi boats that are custom built as well.



There are Corinthian sailors who are also participating in the race and for them the goal is to finish the race course in the feisty weather that is forecasted. This race was first started in 1968 and there are several tales associated with every edition of the race. For instance, the IRC time correction guideline is the basis on which the winners of the race would be decided upon this year. There is wide gap given so that the fleet can expect to see changes in their fortune during the course of the race.

The race started with smoke, flash and noise as artillery pieces heralded the start of the race, which are ancient bastions located in Valletta. At the start the harbor area looked as if it was a gladiator arena where the yachts jostled to get into the starting position. Some got caught out while others rushed and had to restart while others misjudged the start timing. The weather conditions were good for the yachts with ten knots of breeze that helped the boats to sail off. The fleet got off well and the sailors seem to have settled into the race whose destination is to reach Capo Passero