Spares and Tools for Equipping ARC Yachts

If you are planning to take part in the ARC rally, you would benefit from the experiences of those who have already made a transatlantic journey. The 2017 rally alone saw about 254 skippers and they all had their share of repairs and spares or had to make up for their absence in other ways. There are lessons to learn from their experiences.

Usually, this kind of an oceanic journey would include choosing the right cruising yacht as per guidelines and norms as well as putting together a list of tools and spares you would need. Indeed, this is one aspect that needs forethought but even then, there are several who might overlook certain equipment in their inventory. For such reasons, the right spares need to be shipped so that makeshift repairs can be done at sea and the crossing is a trouble-free one. With the right tools and spares for repairs, skippers can avoid unwanted diversions or having to seek assistance.