Schneiter Celebrate His 21st Birthday

Sebastian Schneiter of Sotogrande got to celebrate his 21st birthday by gaining the wins of two out of three races that he was skipper of. This was part of the La Reserva de Sotogrande cup of the GC32 category.

The Levante breeze of the westerly kind was expected to be blowing at 11 knots on day three, but there was a long, white cloud that was hanging off the Rock of Gibraltar, signifying that the wind speed would be less. Even when the wind was only at five or six knots the boats were still able to get the foils up as the first race started off from the start line.

Real team was able to take up the early lead, but the Norauto team being more experienced, they were able to move ahead.

The Norauto team were, however vulnerable to Armin Strom, who took up their turn at the front. At the next start two boats moved early, the Armin Strom and the Malizia of Monaco. They were, however asked to slow down and they were awarded a penalty by the umpires as well. Norauto took up the lead early, but they were not able to keep off the other boats behind them like the Swiss crew as well as Real Team and Armin Strom.

The final race in the afternoon saw Team Tilt move ahead and an early lead was taken on by them when Race 12 started. Engie team on the other hand took the lead from Team Tilt towards the end of the course. Even though Minoprio was a close contender Schneiter was able to keep his nerve and win the second race, the best gift he could give himself on his 21st birthday. This added to the gaiety of the occasion as the team had much to celebrate about.