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Online Sailing Store Launches Website

America’s Cup 2017 is going to start soon and its buzz has created a lot of changes in the sailing world.

Everybody is busy in doing their best to enjoy the championship at most. It is not only the participants but sellers of sailing kit too. Taking the benefit of opportunity, a new online store that is selling premium sailing kit has launched its new website to showcase more products and sell its large customer base.

Lir Bermuda’s business development manager And Mary Geraghty said, ‘Though the Bermuda Island is at the pinnacle because of America’s Cup wave, the demand for sailing wear has increased to a great extent. The demand is high all over Bermuda and people are looking for quality gear.

Outdoor enthusiast and Keen sailor Ms Geraghty, alias MJ, said: “America’s Cup has boosted the sale of sailing related stuff. Everyone wants this adult, children, women, every one. The requirement for gear increases to great extent.”

But she added that — given Bermuda’s climate — clothing designed for sailing was suitable for a range of other sports like golf and running and everyday uses like weather protection on a bike.

Ms Geraghty said: “Because I am an active outdoors and a sailor too, I like kind of gear that survives for a long time and it is fashionable as well then nothing could resist me buying it.”

The store that was launched in early of 2016 supplies top sailors like Rockal Evans and Olympian Ceci Wollmann. The store also carries a wide range of equipment and clothing from major brands some of them are Henri Lloyd, K3 Waterproof, Rooster Sailing, Zhik, Sail Racing, McWilliams, Ronstan, Win Design, J Sails, Magic Marine and Optiparts.

The store also has the facility of personalization of Items brought, one can mention name of brand, company logos and can do any other things on items purchased.