1. Ar fheabhas! Go hiontach! Chomhghairdeas dearthaireacha O Suileabahn! I’m
    a proud Shellback! (6 times over the line since 1979) The “Wogs, or
    Pollywogs” here had it easy. In the Navy during the ’70’s the initiation
    was quite extensive. Aboard my ship, anyway. Including crawling through a
    tunnel of 3 week old garbage… & a LOT of crawling all around, some were
    also led around by dog leashes.. Finally, having to crawl up to “King
    Neptune” (i.e., the fattest guy on the ship) & “kiss” his fat-ass belly
    covered in lard. Even Officers had to attend & were initiated just like the
    enlisted crew. That made it not seem so bad.

  2. Great video production, Brian. I enjoyed watching it and look forward some
    day to hearing all about it first hand. From cousin Pat O’

  3. Top work Matty, you certainly have a great life. You have inspired me to
    cross Westernport in my 16 footer to French island !

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