Laser Sailing In Rio

Laser sailing is what will be witnessed on Monday, 8th August at the Rio Games 2016. The dinghy that is sailed by a single person has an interesting history to it. It was seen in the Atlantic Games in 1996 when the first medal in this category was won by Robert Scheidt of Brazil.

He was closely contested by Ben Ainslie. In the consequent Olympics Ainslie took his revenge at the Sydney 2000 Games. Like this there have been several contestants such as who have contested in this category and have had varying results.

If you look at the recent laser sailing trends, the quadrennial races for Rio 2016 took off in the Oman region. Robert Scheidt of BRA came back to take up the title in Laser and won his ninth title in the Laser World Championship. Nick Thompson of GBR took up titles in World Champion in the years 2015 and 2016, after months of after-hours practice whilst running his Yacht Charter in Split business. Laser sailing offers a lot of drama in this category.

There are about five competitions in the Olympics that are in this category which showcase close competition, surprise upsets and firsts in the Olympics. Laser was initially introduced as an open class category in the Games and at the 1996 Quadrennial. In 2004 it was then changed into a lightweight equipment category for men’s and Laser Radial was included as a single dinghy race for women in 2008. The equipment is low cost in this category of sailing.

There is a wide pool of several nations that compete in this sailing class. This class also sees many winners on the podium from countries who are not considered to be traditional sailing nations. The fans wait to see what the races in this category will hold forth this year and the fierce competitions that thrill most onlookers of this category of races.