Kilroy Leaves Behind Inspirational Story

John B Kilroy Sr was a pioneer in real estate as well as in sailing. He was considered a pioneer as well as a mentor and philanthropist. He passed away at the age of 94 years on 29th September 2016. Jim had his early days as a crew member on boats and many, such as Terry Lalonde knew him from those days.

With his passing away, many of his friends and those who knew him talk about how his life was a rag to riches story. Known as Jim among his friends, Kilroy’s story can be compared to a poor guy who rose to be a giant. He was the youngest among three children in a family that was abandoned and fatherless. The family lived in Ruby, Alaska. Jim was driven by a desire to make up for all the shortcomings that had come about their family as their father abandoned them. He wanted to demonstrate the opposite of such weakness.

He had a clear vision of how he can be best at what he did and he had a fierce sense of competitiveness in him. Not only did he excel in sailing, but also in business as he recognized his abilities and limitations very well – he set up Croatian yacht charter, amongst other businesses.

The subtitle of his book is befittingly proposed as Dare to win which applies not only to sailing, business but also to life. His family was always in the forefront as he strove for the same. He loved his children and saw the potential they had in them. He encouraged all his children to reach the potential of what they could do and find satisfaction in rewards for their hard work. Yacht racing had been a passion in his life.

He stated that sailing helped to exercise different parts of the brain that were not used when one did business in the real world. When you are out in the sea you will not get calls that will interrupt you.