1. So what’s the number on this beauty? Nice boat, for sure. The only thing I
    have a problem with is the hard top on the flybridge. couple of things
    wrong with it – a bit too low, which then begs the question why doesn’t it
    have some retractable portion of it to allow the sun to come in? Need the
    sun on the flybridge or to be able to get it is a must. And the bracing of
    the front portion is way too obtrusive to the view off the front of
    the bridge helm. There’s three huge poles on each front corner
    supporting it, affecting the clear view. They should’ve taken a page out
    of the way Azimut does their tops on their 54’s and 64’s. No front post
    like these and a retractable center section and it’s high enough off the
    radar arch. Otherwise she’s a beauty.

  2. As beautiful and stunning as the Marquis is in so many ways it actually
    seems a bit conservative in its exterior design and its interior. Having
    said that–seeing the interior salon and galley it is almost refreshing to
    see a more familiar and conservative approach, from its angular couches and
    lack of funky curving wood work or funky floor steps and elevations.
    I think anyone could be happy with the Marquis 72 but is it a better choice
    than the Monte Carlo 70?

  3. New MARQUIS 720 Motor Yacht | Exterior and Interior Video | Courtesy of
    Nouveau MARQUIS 720 Motor Yacht | Vidéo Intérieur et Extérieur | Courtoisie

  4. couple questions how many bathrooms and why are there two captains
    wheelhouse? Is it for windy rainy days then they can go below to the second

  5. I’m pretty amazingly conflicted at this point I’m not certain if it was the
    music that made the vessel or was at the vessel that made the music,
    perhaps a combination of both, but it sure was pretty from the side of the
    screen, thank you for sharing it was well worth the time I spent

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