Golden Globe Race The Lead Is Narrowing Further

The apparently impossible lead that has been held by Den Heede in the race, Golden Globe is seemingly insurmountable no longer.

Mark Slats covered the Cape Horn on December 2, before 06:00 UTC. He is eight days back Van Den Heede still, Slats has reduced the dominance of 351 miles in a week’s time. The Dutchman who was in the second place is now in the range of 1022 miles and wants the average of 0.75 knots quicker to end his race in d’Olonne.

48th Youth Sailing World Championships Will See Medalist Returning

The sailors of America and Australia in the 420 fleets and in the Laser Radial will return to defend their title of Youth Sailing World Championships next week. They will race at the 48th edition of the championship in Corpus Christi.

The championship will start on Monday with 382 youth sailors that are aged between 16 to 19 hailing from 66 nations. They all will race on Corpus Christi Bay in Texas, USA.

The Rolex Middle Sea Race

While most eyes are on the Volvo Ocean Race starting this weekend, the Rolex Middle Sea Race has also begun on Saturday, 21st October 2017. There are about 104 yachts that are participating from different nations, 30 in total. This is the 38th edition of this race that saw thousands of followers and enthusiasts having come to the banks of Grand Harbor in order to see the race participants sail off. This classic offshore race would span 606 miles in the Mediterranean waters. There are a total of thousand sailors who are participating in this race with different kinds of yachts. These comprise of ocean going maxi boats that are custom built as well.



There are Corinthian sailors who are also participating in the race and for them the goal is to finish the race course in the feisty weather that is forecasted. This race was first started in 1968 and there are several tales associated with every edition of the race. For instance, the IRC time correction guideline is the basis on which the winners of the race would be decided upon this year. There is wide gap given so that the fleet can expect to see changes in their fortune during the course of the race.

The race started with smoke, flash and noise as artillery pieces heralded the start of the race, which are ancient bastions located in Valletta. At the start the harbor area looked as if it was a gladiator arena where the yachts jostled to get into the starting position. Some got caught out while others rushed and had to restart while others misjudged the start timing. The weather conditions were good for the yachts with ten knots of breeze that helped the boats to sail off. The fleet got off well and the sailors seem to have settled into the race whose destination is to reach Capo Passero

29er World Championship

The 29er world championship would be hosted in the California waters beginning the last weekend of July this year and ending on the first week of August.

There are a total of 120 teams participating from 14 countries. Known as the Zhik 29er World Championship regatta, it would be held in Long Beach and organized by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club.

This year hails the 17th annual event in this world championship where participants would arrive from countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, British Virgin Islands, Brazil and others like Hong Kong and Argentina. About 40 teams would be participating from US. There would be a sailing clinic organized by ABYC and a 29er US Nationals race would be held from 25th to 28th of July. The 29er teams would be mostly young men sailing though all female teams and co-ed groups are expected to participate as well. The top team would receive trophies as well as the top girls’ team and the top youth team. (more…)

Kinsale Yacht Club Regatta

Often regatta events fall flat due to unfavorable wind conditions as it happened at the Kinsale Yacht Club.

There was a fleet of 29 boats that struggled with light wind conditions on the second week of Osean74 Frostbite Series. As the winds were very light off Charles Fort in the harbor area the races had to be put off last week from the Marina and Dinghy Park. As the winds picked up lightly the fleet of mixed dinghies got underway.

For all the sailors the racing conditions were challenging. The first race saw the three fleets struggle to reach the finishing line. By then there was an ebbing tide and the wind was dying down. This fleet had several newcomers, including laser radial vessels as well. Most sailors realized that patience is a virtue that is a must when you are sailing. Hence, in the afternoon when the second race commenced the wind died down and the fleet were called back to shore.


Virgin Islands Sailor Of Year Award

The Virgin Islands Sailor of the Year Award for 2016 was handed out recently and Cy Thomson was the recipient of this award. He has several accolades to his credit, such as being a two time winner in the Olympic laser category. The award was organized by the Virgin Sailing Association.

He has qualified for Rio 2016 and had even trained with top sailors for the competition. The last nine months that led to the competition saw his dedicated efforts to push his sailing skills to higher levels, putting aside business opportunities and personal life events as well. This is expected as per his lineage, Thomas being the grandson of Rudy Thomson, who was one of the first Olympic sailors from the region of US Virgin Islands. (more…)

Online Sailing Store Launches Website

America’s Cup 2017 is going to start soon and its buzz has created a lot of changes in the sailing world.

Everybody is busy in doing their best to enjoy the championship at most. It is not only the participants but sellers of sailing kit too. Taking the benefit of opportunity, a new online store that is selling premium sailing kit has launched its new website to showcase more products and sell its large customer base.

Lir Bermuda’s business development manager And Mary Geraghty said, ‘Though the Bermuda Island is at the pinnacle because of America’s Cup wave, the demand for sailing wear has increased to a great extent. The demand is high all over Bermuda and people are looking for quality gear.

Outdoor enthusiast and Keen sailor Ms Geraghty, alias MJ, said: “America’s Cup has boosted the sale of sailing related stuff. Everyone wants this adult, children, women, every one. The requirement for gear increases to great extent.” (more…)